The story

The story behind the Coolmach heat pump

Although a staggering amount of 80% of all vacations with a caravan or RV in Europe are in countries with a Mediterranean climate, there still is a traditional gas heater in almost every new caravan made today. Since the development of the first traditional gas heater almost 50 years ago, there have been no attempts by the big companies to exclude gas from a caravan, which we at Coolmach Group find noteworthy due to the fact that a traditional gas heater in a caravan does not only bring the risk of fire, explosion and other problems related to a gas installation with it, but also leaves substantial CO2 footprint behind. 

The smart solutions of Coolmach replace the traditional gas heater in a caravan with an advanced climate system – The Coolmach heat pump is one of a kind in the market, and is placed in the exact same location as the traditional gas heater and uses a advanced heating pump to regulate and control the temperature within the caravan.  

Opportunities within the field of sustainable and renewable energy in an ever-changing environment are immense. According to our philosophy it is finally time for the caravan market to contribute to a more sustainable and greener planet.

The Coolmach heat pump – Made To Fit 

The Coolmach heat pump replaces a traditional gas heater. Due to the design and specifications of the Coolmach, its placement fits seamlessly with the dimensions of the traditional gas heater. This makes up for a perfect placement every time – everywhere – and in every caravan with a traditional gas heater.  The Coolmach’s unique placement and changeable slats makes up for a airflow that reaches every corner of your caravan. 

Making a solution that fits to perfection – This is the reason behind the success of the Coolmach heat pump.

Efficient Heating by Advanced Technology

The Coolmach uses an advanced technology with a capacity up to 4.100W to quickly regulate the temperature inside your caravan.  

At any given point you can set the desired temperature of the inside of your caravan, and the Coolmach heat pump will reach and regulate this temperature within minutes. 

User Friendly

Every Coolmach is installed with a Control Panel and a Remote Control for setting and regulating the desired temperature. The control panel is always placed in an easily accessible spot. With the remote control you can set and regulate the temperature from anywhere in the caravan. A user friendly timer can be programmed to set the desired temperature for any time during the day, regardless of the outside temperature.