Sustainable caravanning

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Coolmach One

Designed for the future

The Coolmach One is an efficient heat pump designed to make caravanning more sustainable and enjoyable. Its unique technology and design is specially made to replace current gas heating systems inside the caravan. Using the best available components on the market and working together with suppliers who think about the future and sustainability,

Allowing the Coolmach heat pump to have a GWP (Global-warming Potential) of only 3. This is 225 times less than traditional heat pumps in todays market. This results in an exceptional COP (Coefficient of Performance) of 4.2 with a high efficiency and a very low noise level.

Caravanning is our passion

At Coolmach we share a passion for nature with the caravanning enthusiast and believe this can be combined perfectly with a sustainable, circular and climate friendly future. We believe in making caravans more sustainable and greener by helping people to reduce their carbon footprint while enjoying camping at the same time.

Caravan Climate Control

The smart solution of Coolmach replace the traditional gas heater in a caravan with an advanced climate system. The Coolmach heat pump is one of a kind in the market, and is placed in the same location as the traditional gas heater. An advanced heat pump regulates and controls the temperature within the caravan.

Efficient heat pump

Every Coolmach is fitted with an advanced heat-pump technology capable of heating up and cooling down any caravan within minutes.

Alternative for gas-use

Coolmach offers an efficient alternative for the use of gas to heat up the caravan, While reducing the co2 footprint on your vacations.

Always the perfect fit

The Coolmach caravan heat-pump can be installed in every type of caravan and build-year. A smart design allows the heat-pump to be fitted into the empty space of the traditional gas heater.

Building our own test center!

The coolmach must of course comply with all guidelines and inspections. To be able to test this, we are building our own test center. In the spring of 2022 we will start testing inside the new test center. Do you want to know everything about our progress? Then click here.

Pre-orders for the Coolmach are soon available.

Pre-orders for the Coolmach caravan heatpump are soon available.

Click here and read everything about the pre-order.

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