General FAQ

Most frequent questions and answers

The second generation of Coolmach caravan climate system has the ability to cooldown and heatup any caravan within minutes. Besides the cooling- and heating capacity, the Coolmach also dehumifies, purifies the atmosphere in your caravan from bacteria and dust and also circulate clean air through your caravan. 

Take a look at the latest model of the Coolmach climate control system.

The Coolmach climate control system fits in any caravan with a traditional gasheater. The traditional gasheater will be exchanged for the new climate control system. 

Due to its limited measurements, the Coolmach can always be fitted inside the caravan. If you don’t own a traditional gasheater in your caravan, please consult your local caravan dealer to discuss the possibilities, or contact us via the contact page.

The Coolmach generation 2 will be available for dealers and consumers before the recreational season starts in 2022. If you have questions about the availablity or you would like to pre-order the Coolmach, please contact your local dealership or contact us directly

At Coolmach we pride ourselfs for manufacturing quality products. Therefore we give a standard warranty of  years on every product, and 5 years on all of our spare parts.