The Coolmach story

At Coolmach our vision is to make caravans more sustainable and greener by helping people to reduce their C02 footprint while on holiday – our mission is to facilitate all caravans with sustainable and green technology, like the – Coolmach Airconditioner® – while maintaining a maximum level of comfort and convenience in a caravan.

The Coolmach Team


Our team consists of professionals dedicated to revolutionizing the recreational market with sustainable and durable solutions. 

We a close corporation with Vadac B.V., a specialist of technical accessories with over 20 years of experience within the international caravan, camper and boating market. Our clients range from local dealerships to international distributors and manufacturers.

Comfortable camping

The smart solutions of Coolmach replace the traditional gas heater in a caravan with an advanced climate system – The Coolmach Airconditioner® is one of a kind in the market, and is placed in the exact same location as the traditional gas heater and uses a advanced heating pump to regulate and control the temperature within the caravan.